of ESG Materiality

An Overview for Investors

In today’s material world, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues present real financial risks to businesses. That's why global financial market participants continue to incorporate ESG considerations into their investment strategies. To do this effectively requires a better understanding of the material ESG issues companies are exposed to.   

This overview explores how ESG factors can affect business and investments, demonstrates how these issues are material to business viability, and showcases the ways in which investors can incorporate ESG factors into their strategies.  

Readers will learn: 

  • Why ESG issues are material to companies and investors. 
  • The three key reasons investors are evaluating ESG risk. 
  • The ESG issues most common across sectors and how mismanagement of these issues can affect business. 
  • Common approaches to incorporating ESG information in the investment process. 
  • How analyzing businesses’ exposure to material ESG issues can provide a more holistic view of their potential for long-term value.

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