Webinar Replay  | How Supply Chain ESG Can Help APAC Corporates to Accelerate Sustainability Goals 

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Key Points for Participants 

  • Learn how Sustainalyticscorporate clients have used our Supply Chain ESG Solutions to gain insight into risks in their supply chain 
  • Discover how buyers and suppliers can best prepare for upcoming regulations such as modern slavery and supply chain due diligence  
  • Explore how banks can use our ESG Risk Rating data for supply chain financing  
  • Hear perspectives on the importance of comprehensive supply chain assessment for overall company value 

About This Webinar:

As corporates look for ways to improve their sustainability, many companies are turning to their supply chains to make meaningful changes to transition towards net zero.  

This webinar will educate APAC companies on the importance of considering ESG risks inherent in their supply chain, and what your company needs to do to address those potential risks.  

Our multidisciplinary panel will share their expertise on building a sustainable supply chain from a banking and corporate perspective.  


Attend to learn more about how Sustainalytics can help you: 

  • Research material environmental and human rights issues in supply chains    
  • Perform due diligence on a broad portfolio of companies, including private companies that don’t publicly disclose ESG data  
  • Tailor the level of ESG Risk Rating detail for each of your suppliers, to cover more of your supply chain. 


Featured Panelists

  • Moderator: Marika Stocker, Senior Manager for APAC, Morningstar Sustainalytics
  • Simone Fynmore, Head of Supply Chain Product, ANZ
  • Rachel Choi, ESG and Sustainable Finance Analyst, Channel Capital Advisors
  • Francesca Placa, Commercialization & Product Manager,
    Morningstar Sustainalytics



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