eBook | Why Impact Matters: Seven Essential Considerations for Investors


Today’s investors are facing increased scrutiny from stakeholders for greenwashing risk. ESG-related disclosure regulations are quickly advancing. And more customers are seeking impact-focused products. This market environment demands heightened transparency and credibility, and investors need to know how Impact can help them rise to these challenges and meet their diverse sustainability goals.

This ebook outlines essential considerations to help asset owners, asset managers, and wealth managers understand what impact means for them and the benefits of incorporating it into investment decision-making.

Download to learn:

  • What impact is and why it’s increasingly important for investors to consider impact.
  • How impact supports investors in enhancing transparency, creating differentiated products, responding to client preferences, and more.
  • How impact and ESG risk approaches work together to give investors a holistic picture of an investment’s sustainability.
  • How investors can use impact to develop robust investment design processes.

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