ESG Risk Ratings:

A 360° Review


In Partnership with Natixis
Investment Managers Solutions

Navigate the evolving landscape of ESG Investing with our latest report. Our analysis aims to support investors in identifying differences and trends in ESG risk profiles across countries, sectors, and company sizes. 

Leverage the opportunities and unlock challenges of integrating ESG criteria into your investment strategies. This paper, in partnership with Natixis, is the first of three papers that will provide valuable insights on the potential economic and societal benefits of aligning with ESG standards, as well as the potential costs and disruptions. 

Download this report to learn more about: 

  • How ESG risk is distributed across different regions and sectors 
  • The correlation between company size and ESG Risk Scores 
  • The growing role of ESG criteria in investment decisions and portfolio construction
  • Important factors to be understood before exploring the implications of ESG risk on portfolio performance  
  • The methodology and components of Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings

Download the Report: