Reducing Emissions
Through Sustainable

A Guide for Companies in Carbon
Intensive Industries

Companies are under increased pressure from investors and stakeholders to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. They need to know about the tools they can leverage to take action on their emissions, while remaining competitive in the market. They also need to understand the challenges they will face in implementing a GHG emissions reduction program and strategies they can use to avoid any stumbling blocks. 

This corporate guide discusses the difficulties in measuring, reporting, and reducing GHG emissions in hard-to-abate sectors and provides key takeaways so that companies can take advantage of the opportunities sustainable finance offers. 

Readers working in sustainable finance and corporate sustainability, investor relations, debt capital markets and loan syndication will learn:  

  • What potential challenges companies might face while formulating a GHG emissions reduction strategy.  
  • How sustainable finance can benefit companies in hard-to-abate industries.  
  • Approaches that companies can use to address measuring, reporting, and reducing scope 3 GHG emissions.  

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