Webinar Replay | Addressing Key Corporate ESG Issues: Lessons From Industries With High ESG Risk

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Who It’s For: Professionals in Corporate Sustainability Departments, Corporate ESG Reporting, and Investor Relations

About This Webinar:

Globally, business leaders are becoming aware of the significant risks their companies face from environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. They are investing time and resources to address the material ESG issues (MEIs) that are having the biggest impact on their business. Even companies in industries highly exposed to ESG risk factors can take meaningful steps that benefit the environment, society, and business. And any organization can learn from these companies’ example to effectively manage ESG risks, as well as to find new opportunities.  

This webinar will look at MEIs through the lens of five high-risk industries and show you how these issues can impact operations.

In the session, our expert panel will share actions companies can take to effectively address key issues, regardless of their industry. You’ll hear from Sustainalytics’ sector analysts and gain insight into how Sustainalytics assesses MEIs impacting companies and evaluates corporate ESG risk management. 

Featured Panelists:


Frances Fairhead
ESG Research Senior Analyst, Mining Sector

Toshi Batbuyan

Ulziitushig (Toshi) Batbuyan
ESG Research Senior Analyst, Oil and Gas Sector

Shilpi Singh
Corporate Solutions Director