eBook | Future-Proofing Supply Chains: Supply Chain Sustainability and Key Trends in 2022

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Studies estimate that up to 90% of a company’s sustainability impacts come from a firm’s supply chain. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed these critical supply chain weaknesses. And regulatory and consumer pressure for climate action is prompting companies to make significant sustainability commitments.


With their reputations at risk, corporations are turning to their supply chains to incorporate ESG considerations. Updated and revised for 2022, this ebook explains how to integrate ESG considerations into your company’s supply chain management practices and outlines the key supply chain sustainability trends for 2022.

Readers will learn about:

  • How to make the business cases for supply chain sustainability
  • Reporting on suppliers’ ESG performance
  • Best practices on integrating climate-related risks
  • How to gain greater visibility across the supply chain, including direct and indirect suppliers


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