eBook | Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and ESG

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In a highly digitized economy, where more sectors are data driven and reliant on personal data, companies across a range of industries now have heightened exposure to data privacy and cybersecurity risks. According to Morningstar Sustainalytics’ analysis, data privacy and security is a material ESG issue for more than half of the companies in our research universe. These data privacy and security issues have become significant drivers of ESG and business risk and are a growing concern among investors and CEOs. 

This ebook sheds light on the management practices companies can adopt to better manage and mitigate data privacy and security risks. From an ESG perspective, readers will learn: 

  • The types of data privacy and cyber threats companies around the world are facing. 

  • The potential ESG risks for companies that do not properly address data privacy and security issues. 

  • How organizations can manage and mitigate data privacy and cybersecurity risks. 

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