eBook | Meeting Investor Expectations Through Corporate ESG Reporting, Planning and AGMs


Investors are increasingly influenced by ESG ratings and companies’ approaches to managing ESG risk. While an annual general meeting (AGM) is an ideal opportunity to communicate company plans around managing these risks, ESG reporting goes beyond an AGM or proxy season. Investors want investing to align with values, but are also looking at risk exposure and management. 

This ebook outlines how incorporating ESG into the agenda of your AGMs, as well as into your overall reporting strategy, can improve effectiveness, increase director and investor confidence, and provide measurable value. 

Download the ebook to find out: 

  • The ESG issues that matter the most to investors and how to prepare to take action. 
  • How to better meet investor expectations on ESG by improving transparency and accountability.  
  • Strategic approaches to addressing ESG concerns and improving the dialogue with investors. 

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