ESG Risk Ratings in APAC: Supporting the Corporate Sustainability Journey

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Who It’s For: Professionals in Corporate Sustainability Departments, Finance and Treasury Departments, and Investor Relations

About This Webinar:

To support sustainability strategies and meet investor demands, more corporations in APAC are searching for solutions to address their work on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. A widely adopted tool to help companies on their path to sustainability is an ESG Risk Rating, which provides an independent assessment of a company’s ESG performance. This webinar will take you through how an ESG score can support your company’s ESG journey, the benefits of acquiring a rating, and how various corporate stakeholders, including banks and investors, integrate corporate ESG ratings into their decision making.

Hear from a panel of ESG thought leaders in the Asia-Pacific region on how ESG ratings have supported their sustainability and financial objectives. 

Featured Panelists:

Edris Boey
Edris Boey
Head of ESG Research
Maitri Asset Management

Martin Hoogerwerf
Martijn Hoogerwerf
Sustainable Finance Asia Pacific

Michael Momdjian Profile
Michael Momdjian
General Manager
Treasury, Tax & Insurance
Sydney Airport

Nicholas Gandolofo
Nicholas Gandolfo
Director for APAC

Marika Stocker Picture
Marika Stocker
Senior Manager for APAC