Climate Change Sustainable Forests and Finance

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Listen in as Sustainalytics’ Engagement Manager, Henry Pallister-Dixon, sits down with Beatrice Crona from the Royal Swedish Academy of Science and the Stockholm Resilience Center at Stockholm University to discuss:

  • Sustainalytics’ newest thematic engagement, Climate Change – Sustainable Forests and Finance, that centers around commodities sourced from forest biomes
  • The significance of earth systems in a climate context, focusing on risks tipping points and the interconnectivity of earth systems
  • Taking an all-inclusive approach to value chains


Hear Emma Henningsson, Sustainalytics’ Associate Director of Engagement Services, as she converses with Ahold Delhaize on:

  • Climate strategy, key objectives and challenges
  • Understanding risk and the importance of governance
  • Supply chain approach and mitigating impacts





Join Henry Pallister-Dixon of Sustainalytics’ Engagement team and Kaitlin Crouch, ING’s Sustainability Manager and Climate Lead for Global Sustainability, as they discuss:

  • ING’s Terra approach and how ING is meeting their ambitious climate targets
  • Gaps in the current method and difficult challenges
  • Enhanced collaboration between companies to meet mutual goals

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